Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Project Healthy Schools Health Ambassador

Project Health School Ambassador LINK (Please add your name to the list)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Cookie Order Form and Catalog

The Health & Medicine Biomedical Sciences Magnet program is kicking off their annual fundraising sale for extra curriculum support, capstone projects, parties, sponsor-a-family etc.  This is a simple, great tasting, healthy (as far as cookies go) choice for us to support our great work and outreach for the year.

The goal of each magnet member is 10 items.
Collect money first.
We deliver in October, pick up in Commons afterschool.
All your items will be in a box with your name on it.  Simple!!
Checks made out to Skyline Health & Medicine Magnet.
Start now, get it done before school starts.
Orders due 9/23

Order form link

Catalog of cookie items, etc. PRICES (check- Skyline H&M Magnet) link

Sunday, June 12, 2016

New H&M Students, PBS Summer Work

Dear New H&M PBS Students,
Re:  Summer Work

Please scroll down the right side of
Find the PBS icon.
Click it and log in with the classword and password given to you at the parent meeting.

Please click on the Summer Curriculum, Summer Work

Please complete the first items, syllabus/safety contract, Word Wall Words 1.1 (if you don't know how to do 2CNs see link on main on how to complete), Career Journal #1 (three entries into the journal- EMT, 911 op, Coroner), Sci Fair Mission File downloaded (see link on main page of

Mr. Bradley